Why Would I Want Interactive TV?

Interactive tv sounds complicated, but really it isn?t. All you need to know is that you control everything. Whatever you want, whenever you want it.
Digital top quality

People tend to choose digital tv more and more. To keep a long technical story short: digital tv means nothing more than super sharp images and lots of detail. The sounds are louder and fuller, and it?s a complete new way of watching tv. Interactive tv is a form of digital tv, so you get the exact amazing tv experience as you do with digital tv.

You control everything

With interactive tv you get to decide what you?re going to watch and more important: when you watch it. You?re no longer the slave of your tv guide and it?s no problem if you miss programs you actually wanted to watch. Flicking through with commercial breaks at the same time won?t be an annoying issue anymore. Just watch your favorite show whenever it suits you.


You can control everything that?s airing live on tv. With interactive tv you can arrange it to your own likings. Phone call while you?re watching tv? Just push the pause button and your show (or movie, or big game) stops. Get a drink from the kitchen, go to the bathroom and hit play when you?re ready to resume watching.

Fast-forward is another option, for example during yet another set of commercials. You decide when you want a break from watching tv and you can continue watching whenever you?re ready. With interactive tv you don?t have to miss a second of your favorite shows.

What does it take?

To pause, record or rewind your favorite airings, you need to have a receiver for digital tv and a hard disk recorder. Usually there?s a choice between a regular tv-receiver and a receiver with hard disk. The receiver picks up two channels so while you?re watching something you can tape something else on the other channel Of course you can watch the tapes airing whenever you like.

On demand

With interactive tv you?re able to bring the cinema into your own living room. Or actually the video shop, because with just one push of the button you can choose between the newest, latest movies available. Apart from movies there?s also he huge amount of tv series, and after choosing all you have to do is sit back and relax. No need to go outside on a rainy day, just make a selection at home and stay at home.

Missed airings

Although you?re the one who?s holding the strings, it can happen you do miss one of the things you wanted to watch. With interactive tv you can watch airings from today and yesterday. Nice! The three main channels are respresented and if you want you can install this option for other channels too. Adjust your subscription to your own preferences.

Interactive participation

Interactive tv actually really means that you can participate interactively in tv shows that are airing. A quiz for example, or one of the many tests that air nowadays. Just use the remote control to vote or pick the right answer. You can also ask for information about things that are airing live. Adjusting commercial breaks is anther cool feature. Fast-forward them!

The main advantages

– TV in digital quality: razor scharp images and a killer sound

– Decide for yourself when you want to watch something

– Pause programs and resume watching whenever you want

– New movies on demand via the remote control

– Watch missed airings

– Creat your own tv guide

– Participate interactively in shows and games on tv
Digital tv is working its way up. More than a million users enjoy an amazing tv experience daily. The combination of internet & tv makes it possible to decide and control what you want to watch, whenever you feel like it. It?s no surprise that KPN welcomes more and more new customers. Check the advantages here!


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